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Phyllis warns Des against getting involved with Steph again. Maxine tries to keep her cool around Des but ends up throwing herself at him. Betty finds her house ransacked by burglars. She breaks down and calls Billy for help. Leo calls at the Rovers and identifies Raquel as "Miss February". She is flattered by his interest. Betty can't understand why anyone would want her bits and pieces. Billy takes charge of the situation. Leo asks Raquel out for dinner but she refuses although she really wants to go. Des prepares for Steph's visit but she never arrives. Instead he takes Maxine to the Rovers for a drink. Betty is relieved when Billy stays the night to calm her nerves. Andy stays out of Des's way by spending the night with girlfriend Sandra. Raquel tells Rita that she can't go out with Leo as she doesn't want to upset Curly. Rita urges her to put her future first. Maxine is unnerved when Des decides she's better than nothing and comes on strong to her. He takes her up to his bedroom.


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