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Stan prepares for his first day of work in which he'll be wearing his chauffeur's uniform. Despite herself, even Irma is impressed by her father's attire. An icy Annie sulks over losing the talent contest but compliments from Jack and Lucille cheer her up. In the corner shop, Florrie is barely holding it together. She snaps at Elsie when she asks her to change a ten shilling note and also takes her temper out on Irma, accusing her of being late for work. Chatting to Minnie, Stan offers to take her out in the Rolls at lunchtime when he's planning to treat Hilda and Irma to a ride. Florrie feels excluded when Stan doesn't include her in the invitation and shouts at Ena when she asks if she's heard any more from her Irishman, running into the back crying. Ena invites herself along in the ride in the Rolls. Charlie, with Little Titch in tow, asks if he can also be included. As the car pulls out of the street, Albert rushes up and joins in as he returns from his allotment. They all enjoy the journey. Afterwards, Florrie is in a daze as Albert and Irma discuss the journey, during which the dog relieved itself in it and Minnie ripped a seat with her hat pin. Stan returns home having been instantly sacked after his employers saw the state of the car. Lucille goes to the club when Norman asks to see her. He offers Lucille a contract as a singer but she turns him down, not being interested in show business. Len is the latest customer to feel the sharp end of Florrie's temper when he asks her if she's heard from Frank Barlow and he storms out. Irma has had enough of her temper and walks out early. She returns home to tell her parents she'd had enough of her job, saying that Florrie is going mad. In the shop, Florrie deliberately smashes the window with a tin and breaks down sobbing.


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Notable dialogue

Annie Walker: "How often does Maria Callas do a week at the Viaduct Sporting Club? They wouldn't know a good voice if they heard one."


Ena Sharples: "Do you know how often I've been in a big shiny car? Twice in sixty years and I'd just like to do it once without a wet hanky in me 'and."


Stan Ogden: "You know, it''s uncanny about me and work, in't it? We've never got on, 'ave we?"

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