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Jack has second thoughts about buying the shop but Vera decides to put in an offer. Sally's new flat-pack kitchen is delivered. Liz is delighted when Steve phones to say he and Vicky are married. Raquel plans a big send-off for Jack but Bet stops her, feeling that Jack will soon be back at the Rovers once he's blown the inheritance. When Alf warns Vera that it's hard work running the shop, she takes offence and tells him that she knows all about the money he owes Reg. Reg waits for Eric Firman to announce his new job title but instead Eric introduces him and Curly to his nephew, Leo - the new boss. Reg is stunned. Jack clears the cellar of his knick-knacks - a dartboard, radio and inflatable bed. Reg is horrified to hear the Duckworths' offer is £15,000 below the asking price. He tells them he's sick of their joke and sick of dealing with them. Vera feels the shop would have been too much of a risk anyway. Jim tells Liz that he's seen a doctor about having a vasectomy. Don apologises to Gail for not telling her about the divorce but tells her that Ivy would have been unhappy whatever he'd done. Jack tries to withdraw his notice and is stunned to be confronted with his leaving party and his replacement - Bill.


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