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Deirdre puts Jamie up for the night when Tricia shows no sign of returning. The Duckworths can't sleep over worrying about money. Des cleans the house before Phyllis turns up as he feels that she can no longer cope with the work and wants to make it easier for her. Tricia is thrilled with her Spanish boyfriend Salvador. She is furious to discover Jamie ran away from Jason's house and angry when Deirdre lays into her for neglect. She points out that she was hardly a good parent; her daughter became a drug addict. The Duckworths' despair turns to joy as their cheque arrives. Phyllis is hurt to see Des has been cleaning. She feels that she's no longer needed and feels rejected. Jack and Vera swank around, telling everyone about their money but people are so wrapped up with their own concerns the congratulations are muted. Bill tells Rita that her generosity to the Websters makes him feel ashamed. She points out to him that the house is small and he might be in the way. Mavis is horrified when Derek tells her that he thinks someone is waging a campaign against them to turn them insane. Des apologises to Phyllis but she acknowledges she can't cope any more. He agrees to pay her for doing his ironing in future.


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