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Vera is indignant to discover that the solicitor will be getting interest on her £30,000. Maureen agrees to give Vera tick but Reg refuses to let her. She gets annoyed when he laughs at the idea of her coming into money. Vera rings the solicitor only to discover that he's on holiday. Des and Curly are put out when Raquel tells them they're both fat and out of shape. Derek tells Mavis that he wants to catch whoever is harassing them and goes against her wishes to wait for his tormentor. Kevin is uncomfortable with Bill spending money on the family but Bill tells him that he's not skint. Deirdre calls the police out when she hears a prowler. It turns out to be Jamie trying to get into his flat as Tricia is out with a bloke and he doesn't want to stay with a friend. Derek hangs the chocolate money in the Red Rec playground and lays in wait to see who collects it. Police arrive on a tip-off thinking he's the Weatherfield flasher. He is taken to the police car and questioned. The police are bemused by his story and amused when Mavis turns up to plead his case. The police take the Wiltons home to see the ransom note for themselves. Derek snaps when the residents watch them arrive and after the police have gone he shouts at the street, saying he knows his tormentor is out there.


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