Derek receives a postcard from Arthur in Holland saying he's going to rescue Guinevere. Mavis tells him to throw it away but he sees it as evidence of harassment. He vows to find out who's sending the cards. Kevin is stunned to get a message from his father saying he's coming to see him. He is stunned as he hasn't seen him for ten years. The tank bursts in 5 Crimea Street causing the Armstrongs and Roy Cropper to panic. Deirdre doesn't know what to do but Jamie takes control. Bill Webster arrives and has an emotional reunion with Kevin. Deirdre becomes unnerved by the way Cropper takes advantage of the leak to try to get close to her. She is stunned when he tells her that he's sorry about her bereavement. Bill tells Kevin that Elaine has left him for his foreman and taken Carl with her. He lost his job after he thumped the foreman. Denise gets Ken to the Register Office to have his name put on the birth certificate only to find it's not as simple as that and forms have to be sent off. Alec tells Steve that there's a clause in the Ardens' will withdrawing the inheritance if Vicky marries against the wishes of her trustees. He tells Steve that there's no way he's marrying her for her money now.


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