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Jamie catches Roy Cropper reading a postcard from Tracy to Deirdre. He tells him that he's pathetic. Steve asks Alec to drop the hostilities as its upsetting Vicky. Alec refuses. Deirdre takes Jamie into her room when she finds him locked out. Alec goes to see Frank Mottram and asks him to lean heavily on Steve and hurt him. Mottram acts indignant and refuses once he learns that Steve is about to marry into money. Curly and Jim descend on Kevin to make use of the Sally-free house. He enjoys the peace but misses his family. Alec tells Nicholas Wilding all about Steve and asks him to help put Vicky off. Bet is horrified when Alec asks Nick to lie to Vicky and tell her the will says she can't have any money if she marries before she's twenty-five. Nick refuses.


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