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When Steve returns from business in Ireland, Derek thinks he must be the postcard writer. Jack is saddened by the idea of selling Cliff's personal belongings to pay for a holiday. To help out, Josie looks after Sarah Louise and David for the day. Fiona decides to put Steve behind her and show the world a defiant face. Steve is worried as he can't contact Vicky as Alec won't pass on his messages. Sarah Louise talks to Josie about all the residents, telling her their life stories. Ken gives Tricia a lift with moving her belongings into 5 Crimea Street so he can move into No.1. Alma contacts Jeff Bryant, saying that she'll be happy to work with him. Jack changes his mind about Cliff's belongings when he discovers a toy he thought was lost but Cliff must have stolen. He and Vera collect all they think is valuable before selling the rest for £127.13 to a junk dealer. To give Sally a break, Rita offers to take her and the children to Rhos-on-Sea for a couple of weeks as someone is advertising a cheap cottage in The Kabin window. Deirdre moves into her flat on Crimea Street. She is shocked when Ken belittles her for working for her old flame Mike in front of Tricia. Rita finds the cottage is already taken so looks for another one. Josie is pleased when Gail tells her that she's the best thing that's happened to Don for years. Fiona is bucked up when Des buys her drinks. When Derek tackles her about Steve and gnomes she shoves him over a Rovers' table. She is distraught and shakes off Des's support.


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