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Tricia keeps Jamie off school to guard the house as she doesn't want it unoccupied. Deirdre returns from visiting Blanche and stays at No.11. Tricia gets Percy to make No.1 burglar-proof. He screws down the windows. Mike tries to let himself into No.1 to show Ken and Denise around but Tricia has put a chain on and refuses to let him in. Ken enjoys watching the residents side with Tricia, accusing Mike of evicting a one-parent family. Jamie stops him from smashing a window by throwing a chamber pot full of water over him. The neighbours are highly amused. Cliff's solicitor asks Jack for a meeting. He fears that Cliff left debts that in turn he's inherited. Tracy dines with Ken and is furious when Deirdre turns up to see her. She rows with Deirdre for cutting her off and Deirdre apologises. Deirdre offers her her love but Tracy is too confused to accept it.


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