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Vicky leaves Steve in the early hours of the morning of his birthday. Des takes Andy on a drinking binge to celebrate his 21st. Fiona sadly wishes Steve a happy birthday. She is thrilled when he invites her for a drink. Bet is wary that Steve is footloose as she fears he'll be after Vicky again. Jack tries to make Vera see that she did not kill Cliff. Alf refuses to hide away and makes an appearance at Nicky's sports day. Steve and Vicky make a great show of rowing and belittling each other in public so no one will suspect their affair. Jamie is suspended from school. Fiona tells Steve that she'll only take him back if he makes real promises and is horrified when he says he's not coming back; he just wants to sort out who owns the stereo. The Duckworths question an insurance man on death cover. The man thinks they're planning a suicide pact and refuses to help. Andy realises that he's only getting the £500 because Steve needs it. He taunts Steve over being bailed out by Liz. Steve gets Rita to lend him £100 in cash on the strength of the £500 cheque. The McDonalds have dinner together with Liz getting emotional over her boys. Steve proposes to Vicky.


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