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Emily brings round nursery curtains from Gamma for Val to inspect. Ken has just decorated the back bedroom but it will now need to be redone for the baby. He isn't pleased to hear the news. Irma tells Elsie about David's distressed state but she's unsympathetic, saying he should show more sense. Irma passes on the threat that David muttered in her presence. Stanley has written to Len asking for money for football boots. He's happy to pay up. Charlie tells Len that things aren't going well at the club. Annie isn't pleased with Irma's punctuality and attitude. Irma tells Dennis about David but he also is unconcerned. David defaces the painting he's made of Elsie. Norman has heard from Lenny Phillips that the club will be closed if trade doesn't pick up within one month and he tells Charlie that he'll be the first to go as his act is so awful. Dennis tells Elsie she led David on and she's only brought the trouble on herself. Dennis tells Ken about David's threat and seeks his advice. Ken thinks David may do something stupid and that Dennis should have a talk with him. Stan finds the chauffeuring job easy. Annie gets annoyed with Lucille's loud music coming down from the bedroom. Minnie has the idea of holding a talent competition at the club and Charlie is enthusiastic. Emily starts to frequent the Rovers. Ken and Val enjoy an evening at the club. Norman likes Charlie's idea. Dennis has his chat with David, thinking he's been successful with his advice and leaves his flat. Once he's gone, David opens a suitcase which contains a service revolver which once belonged to an elderly relative.


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