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To please Steve, Jim tells worried Liz that Steve wasn't badly hurt and was jumped by a burglar. Steve returns to the flat in the early hours but Fiona isn't there. Fiona returns in the morning after partying all night with Maxine. Jack tries to convince Vera that she must continue to work, saying her brain will vegetate if she retires. Fiona is horrified to see Steve's bruises and stitched face. He tells her that he doesn't know who did it as he owes money to so many people. When Liz calls, Fiona forces him to tell her all about his debts. Alma is thrilled when a cheque for her £500 consultancy fee arrives. Liz rows with Jim for keeping her in the dark about Steve. When Fiona sheds a few tears over her feelings for Steve, Denise advises her to leave him before he drags her down with him. Fiona refuses to leave him as she loves him. Steve is forced to tell Vicky about all his debts. She doesn't like the idea of thugs hanging around the print shop. Mike is shocked to discover that Alma was paid £500. He insists the client must have fancied her. Tracy breaks down, telling Ken that she knows Deirdre's going to hate her for the rest of her life.


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