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Steve returns from London. He apologises to Fiona for running away from trouble and says that he went to London to find some work to pay off the moneylenders. He promises her that things are going to be different. Vera decides she doesn't want to work any more and feels that no one would want her anyway. Jack is horrified at the thought of having her around the house all day. Audrey prepares herself for a photographic "at home" piece the press are doing on Alf. Ken is upset when Tracy blames him for the mess they're all in. Steve is bashed around the head by a heavy with a baseball bat. Curly tries to chat Maxine up but she doesn't look upon him as a sexual object. Fiona waits in vain at the Rovers for Steve but he doesn't turn up. Alf refuses to do the "at home" which Audrey has organised as Downing Street have asked him not to say anything to the press. When the reporter promises not to report anything until it's official, Alf gives an impromptu interview in the Rovers. Audrey is annoyed when the reporter starts organising the regulars around Alf for the photograph. Bloodied Steve turns to Jim for help. Jim rushes him to hospital. Fiona gives up on Steve and goes clubbing with Maxine. Jim comforts Steve as he is in pain and needs help.


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