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As Steve and Vicky set off for Dublin, Bet warns Steve not to involve Vicky in any dodgy deals. Alma and Audrey go to Gareth Jenkins's pub, The Wheatsheaf, in Ramsden. Audrey is disappointed that Jeff Bryant isn't there. Deirdre relaxes into the idea of staying in Weatherfield. She's thrilled that everything is coming right for her family. Tricia is furious when Bet takes money from her wage packet as she's always late. Bet tells her that she's sick of her taking advantage and Tricia resigns. Bet tells Raquel that in future she'll have to do the cleaning. Alma enjoys herself talking to Gareth about catering. He asks her to make up a sample menu. Reg takes Tricia on at the shop when she tells him that she'll leave the Rovers to help him out. Fiona is horrified when a heavy, Denny Bull, calls at the flat and smashes furniture as a warning for Steve to pay his debts. Steve returns from Dublin, having landed the Red Ferret Records contract. He doesn't seem bothered when Fiona tells him about the thug and how scared she was. She begs him to pay off his debts as she's frightened. Ken tells Denise that he needs to be certain she really does want him. She can't make any guarantees but asks him to give them a go. He agrees. Maureen and Maud aren't keen on the idea of employing Tricia. Bet watches ruefully as Vicky and Steve celebrate their success in the Rovers.


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