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Fiona feels that Vicky is lending Steve money because she still fancies him and worries that he fancies her. He swears it's just a financial arrangement. Vera considers taking Tommy on holiday. Deirdre hopes that Ray Langton will be tracked down but Samir points out that Tracy is nothing to him now. Des is down on his thirtieth birthday. Jack persuades Vera to let him book a caravan holiday in Mold, where he was evacuated during the war. Denise tries to avoid Ken but he tracks her down. She agrees to talk to him about access to Daniel. Fiona tells Steve she believes that he isn't interested in Vicky and asks him to stay away from her in future. He agrees not to borrow money from her. Denise tells Ken she won't let him give her money for Daniel and she doesn't want him involved. He is surprised when she asks how many hours he wants access to Daniel for and what sort of say he wants in his future. Ken is taken aback and has no ready answers. She accuses him of only wanting them to be all close again but warns him that will never happen; he doesn't want access, he wants possession. Steve asks Vicky to invest more money with him so he can clinch a deal.


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