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Mike blames Alma for the fact he's lost £9,000 worth of car. Valery Picot arrives to stay with the Robertses. Audrey is charmed by him and is relieved his wife was too sick to travel. Valery and Alf make up their differences and agree to be friends. Steve finishes the Costello T-shirts. Vicky tries to stop him handing them over before they're paid but he gives them to Costello's Club. Samir is alarmed when Deirdre makes plans about finding a home for them and Tracy. He tells her that he wants her to involve him more as he loves her and her problems are his problems. Jon takes Denise and Daniel for an Easter picnic in the country. They have a good time refusing to talk about their ex-partners. Norris calls on the Wiltons and shows off his new watch from Angela, telling them what a hectic social life he and Angela have. He tells them that he's sorting his divorce out. When Norris laughs at the gnomes Mavis defends them but Derek agrees that they're naff. Sean sorts out a lease for a new betting shop in Fallowfield. Vicky takes Andy along to Costello's to make sure Steve collects the money. He is with Fiona and isn't pleased to see them. Nick Gerrity gives Steve a cheque. Jon tries to draw Denise out of herself, telling her that she shouldn't hide behind barricades. She opens up and tells him about her relationship with Ken, and how she tried to fit him into her fantasy of the ideal relationship. Jon kisses her but she tells him to stop. He gets angry and tells her that she's sick; she leads men on and then backs off.


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