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Deirdre stays by Tracy's bed all night after she cries herself to sleep. Rodney takes the Mercedes for a test drive, taking Tricia along for her opinion. She gets him to take her to the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on dealing with Mike. Josie has free theatre tickets for "The Wizard of Oz". She and Don are cornered into agreeing to let the Duckworths join them. Deirdre keeps breaking down as Tracy feels she wants to die. Samir tries hard to help but the Barlows close ranks. Alma worries that Mike will come unstuck by selling the Mercedes. Martin warns Ken and Deirdre that Tracy's depression could make her condition worse. When Audrey sends her to the Rovers, Gail drinks heavily but storms out when Martin arrives. The Duckworths have a great time with Don and Josie. Afterwards Don invites Josie to spend the night and she agrees. Rodney and Tricia have a great day driving in the country. Rodney tells Mike he's done a check on the Mercedes and discovered it's stolen so he's reported it to the police. Mike is horrified. Samir is stunned when Deirdre tells him that she's going to give Tracy one of her kidneys.


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