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Mike has a "For Sale" sign erected outside No.1. Gail is sick of everyone thinking she's a crazy, mixed-up woman. Alf is wary when he learns the Mayor of Charleville is coming on a visit. Tricia is furious to see the sign up outside her house. She tells Mike that he can't just throw her out into the street but he is adamant she must go when the house is sold. Alma tells Gail that if she has lost her trust in Martin then there's no point in staying with him. Deirdre is relieved that Tracy is getting better as she can start thinking about her future in Morocco. Martin tells Audrey he's had enough of Gail and her attitude, he feels there's nothing more he can do and he intends to think about his own life. Audrey warns Gail that Martin will leave her if she doesn't get a grip on herself. Gail is shocked. Emily gives Deirdre a lift to the airport to collect Samir. He is thrilled to be with her again but doesn't like the way Ken is letting them stay in his flat.


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