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Reg feels certain that either he or Curly will lose their jobs and, determined that it won't be him, talks Curly into meeting the Americans without his glasses. Curly believes he looks more dynamic without them but he can't see anything. Gail decides she wants the children back as it doesn't feel right without them. Eric Firman introduces Reg and Curly to Brad Martin. Reg is delighted to spot that he wears a wig. Curly is blind to everything. Brad checks through the company accounts. Nicky tells Gail that she should get rid of Martin as he's no good and they don't need him. Deirdre wears herself out talking to comatose Tracy. Eric warns Curly not to mention Brad's wig as he's touchy about it. Curly doesn't pass this on to Reg. Reg tells Brad that his wig is very flattering but Brad says he isn't wearing one. Brad decides Curly is too vain to wear glasses and Reg is a buffoon. Steve tells Vicky about his contact with Costello's Club and suggests that she invests some money in the deal. Don is surprised that Josie wants anything to do with him after his confession but she tells him that she feels comfortable with him. Ken and Deirdre are united over their concern for Tracy. Vicky considers investing in Steve's deal, liking the idea that he would have to involve her without telling Fiona.


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