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Steve buys Mother's Day flowers for Liz but they're stolen by Jamie. Curly is alarmed when Jamie tells him that he receives pocket money from Tricia's boyfriends. Alf and Audrey feel crowded with having all the children at their house. Ken spends hours waiting by Tracy's bedside in Intensive Care. She is comatose. He grabs hold of Tracy's flatmate Lorraine Baker when she visits who tells him that Tracy collapsed on the dance floor of a nightclub. Deirdre arrives from Morocco, fearing that Tracy is dead. She is horrified to see her on a life support machine and breaks down. She blames herself for Tracy taking drugs. Gail is happy when the children visit and make a fuss of her. Nicky resents Martin's presence and looks after the others. Raquel breaks it to Curly that Tricia has been seeing Sean. Curly puts on a brave face and tells Tricia he isn't prepared to be one of her boyfriends. They finish. Bet neither encourages or discourages Rodney's advances. Denise wants to help Ken over Tracy but doesn't see what she can do.


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