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Ken tells Denise that occasionally he'd like to take her out. She refuses to reward him for babysitting his son. Nicky spends the night at the Robertses' house and avoids Martin, telling Audrey that he hates him. Gail is furious that Martin blamed Nicky for everything. Martin tells Don about his fling. Don is disappointed in him. Reg is horrified to hear the Americans are coming to look over Firman's Freezers. Martin asks Audrey to help him stop a divorce by having the children so he and Gail can spend time together. When Audrey suggests the idea to Gail she refuses to let her have them; they're the only thing that's keeping her sane. Ken apologises to Denise and agrees to babysit again. She makes plans to go to the pictures with Jon. Gail accuses Martin of thinking she's not fit enough to look after her children. She slams out of the house. Martin has to work so Audrey takes the children in. Tracy is rushed into hospital having taken bad Ecstasy. Ken is contacted and has to rush to the hospital with Daniel.


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