Bet is flattered when Rodney calls on her with flowers. Vicky and Raquel are amused as he's obviously smitten. Gail spends two days and nights crying. Martin realises she's heading for a nervous breakdown. Mike puts the Mercedes up for sale. Denise arranges Ken to babysit Daniel so that she can go to a nightclub with Jon. Vicky decides to give up the idea of running a stables and contemplates giving her money away. Nicky tells Martin that he knows what is going on and goes for him for being unfaithful. Martin forces him down and tells him that he started the whole thing by hating him. Nicky runs out of the house and goes to Don but Don refuses to take him in. To prove to Josie that he's got faults, Don tells her about his phone calls to Denise. She is stunned by his confession.


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