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Fiona is furious when Sean tells her how he took Steve's money off him at the dogs. She tells Steve she can't trust him so she's moving out but he stops her by saying he had a meeting at the dogs with Nick Gerrity, manager of Costello's Club and he won money to give back to Sean. Mike backs him up in front of Fiona and then demands 100 free T-shirts in return. Alma delights in shocking Mike when she turns up in her new sports car. He is furious that she's bought a car without consulting him. Audrey warns Martin not to mess Gail about. Maureen's van breaks down coming back from the cash and carry. Reg and Curly see her and stop to help. Maureen drives back with Curly and the stock whilst Reg stays with the van. She pulls down the sun visor and the wig falls onto her lap. She thinks it's a spider and screams, running the car off the road. Mike accuses Jon of ripping Alma off. Maureen confronts Reg with the wig, delighting Maud who thinks he looks stupid in it. Maureen embraces him when he explains how he's fearful of losing his youth. Steve and Fiona are embarrassed when his credit card is cut up at an expensive restaurant.


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