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Derek feels trapped into fighting Norris as the claim is being processed. Audrey tells everyone she had a wonderful evening and got on very well with the princess whilst Betty admits they hardly got near her. Liz ignores Sean and begins to worry that she dresses too tartily. Vicky returns after having talked Alec round. Raquel agrees to model for Jon when he offers her six months' worth of free haircuts. Curly is horrified to learn that Reg has told the girls at work that he is gay so he won't be bothered by them. Mavis crumples when Norris turns up and asks to see her footwear. Derek is defiant and says they are prepared to go to court so Norris backs down and says he'll advise Mile Muncher to pay up. Derek celebrates but Mavis feels like a criminal. Curly gets his own back on Reg by telling the staff he's his boyfriend. Bet stops Tricia bringing Jamie into the Rovers. Sean tells Des that Liz isn't working out and he wants her sacked.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Reg solves a work problem for Curly and doesn't get the gratitude he expects.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,390,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
  • The ITV3 repeat of this episode on 17th March 2020 contained two edits to Part Two, trimming Reg Holdsworth pulling an effeminate face at Curly Watts when revealing he's told their work colleagues that Curly is gay, and a further 7" was cut from a Rovers' scene, where Curly insists he didn't object to Reg's tactics as "there are some very nice people who are gay".

Notable dialogue[]

Mavis Wilton: "Well, strictly between us, Rita, Derek and me... we're going on with the claim. Derek's in too deep, you see. He's outlined a version of events and now he can't disengage himself."
Rita Sullivan: "Oh, that must be painful."

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