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Derek forces Mavis to stay indoors resting whilst he tells everyone she's an invalid. Curly hides from Tricia as she tries to track him down. Betty is furious when Jack accuses her of sponging off the poor. She tells him there's no glory in being mayoress. Bet forces Jack to apologise. Jim doesn't believe Steve has given up gambling. Audrey talks herself into believing she was a popular mayoress and her public deserve to see her again. She declares war on Alf and goes to see Fred Elliott. He agrees to escort her as she's branching out on her own as mayoress. He gives her the chain off a pot pig counter display from his shop. Mavis gets bored at home and goes into work. Jim assembles flat-pack chairs for Tricia who finds him attractive. She frightens him. Mike graciously tells Ken he's decided not to prosecute him. Derek is furious to find Mavis up and about and orders her home. She is stunned when he tells her they are suing Mile Muncher. Bet is horrified when Vicky arrives after dropping out of school.


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Notable dialogue[]

Mike Baldwin: "You’re a loser, Barlow."
Ken Barlow: "Oh, that’s a relief. Look what winning's done to you."


Fred Elliott: "To walk behind you, Audrey, is the answer to a butcher's prayer."

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