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It is a scared Trevor who emerges from the hall into the vestry. He tells Ena that he's storing twelve sacks of onions bought cheap from Smithfield Market for the night. She demands they're shifted immediately but with it raining heavily, he asks if they can remain until tomorrow morning and she agrees for 10% of the gross profit. He impresses her with his business acumen but she wants them shifted first thing before Stuart's monthly inspection. Stan's loud snoring gets Irma up in the middle of the night. She puts the kettle on and witnesses Trevor coming in. He's forced to tell her about the onions. Hilda is also woken up. Elsie resents having to get up to make Dennis's breakfast as she's on holiday from work. Annie looks after the Rovers alone while Jack's on a bowling trip. Stan wants some money from Hilda to go drinking with and he organises a sub of five shillings on Hilda's wages until pay day. Florrie tells Ena that the Irishman has written to her to thank her. He says he wants to thank her personally when he visits Liverpool soon. Trevor can't find anywhere to store the onions and thinks of getting Irma to put them in the Rovers' cellar. Ena agrees to divert Annie while they're doing it. Dennis questions Elsie about the art college. She's unaware that teacher David Graham has completed a portrait of her and is infatuated with it. Irma agrees to help Trevor with the onions with a promise that he'll buy an imitation leather jacket for her. Annie is impressed with Hilda's cleaning work. Ena asks for a drink that Irma knows is only in the cellar so she can go down to fetch it. Ena also distracts Annie in the meantime with idle chatter. Irma opens the cellar chute and Trevor pushes the heavy sacks down. Len and Dennis are surprised when Ena buys them a drink to keep Annie busy. David turns up at No.11 asking Elsie when he can see her again. She rushes him out of the back when Dennis returns but she's unnerved by the young man's attention.


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