Emily feels depressed and frustrated by life. She is bitter that people only talk to her when they want something and then abuse her trust, like Deirdre. Tricia brings a reference for Alma but Alma isn't keen when she discovers that Tricia has a son and there's only one bedroom in the flat. Ken asks Emily for a loan of the key to No.1. She tells him how upset and angry she is over the way Mike pushes her aside after all she did for him. She gives him the key as she doesn't want it any more. Jon feels that the crying baby is keeping people out of the salon. Ken gets Martin to help him move the table and chairs from No.1 to his flat. Alma tells Mike that she doesn't want the Armstrongs and suggests he takes them on at No.1. Don is pleased when Josie tracks him down to repay him. He buys her a drink. Tricia takes No.1 on a short-term tenancy. Mike shows her around and is furious to find the furniture missing. Alma begs him to forget it but he reports the matter to the police.


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Des Barnes (about Liz McDonald): “I've noticed the skirts she wears. I've seen more cloth on a bandaged thumb.”


Emily Bishop: “The older I get the more I learn from Ena Sharples”.
Ken Barlow: “Huh! She had people worked out better than Freud, that's a certainty”.

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