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Ken feels a bit old for all his fatherly duties. Don sees no point in visiting Ivy as he doesn't want her to come home. Mike thinks that Ken's letter is a try-on and refuses to give him access to the house. Jon Welch struggles on at the salon whilst Daniel cries and distracts everyone. Sean celebrates his divorce being final. Derek tries to sell Norris some stationery but Norris picks up on his interest in exercise and tells him about the wonderful "Mile Muncher" running machine. He condemns Derek for jogging in unhealthy car fumes when he could use the Mile Muncher at home. Don drives fare Josie Clarke around Manchester, looking for her daughter. The Wiltons dine with Norris. Derek falls in love with the Mile Muncher. Des and Sean get drunk together and dissect Sean's marriage. Sean chats up Liz and offers her a job at the bookies. Don is resigned when Josie is £2.50 short for her fare. She apologises and he lets her off. Mavis dismisses the Mile Muncher as a toy and is horrified when Derek buys one for £700. Mike tells Ken that he doesn't believe any of the furniture is his.


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