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Elsie sees that Dennis is in a mood but is unsympathetic to his sulks. Upset, Dennis tells Ena what he saw. She tells him it's his solemn duty to shame his mother. Trevor wants to borrow a handcart and Hilda suggests he asks Len. Jack asks Len for new locks as the police have told him there's been a spate of burglaries in the area. Len agrees to lend Trevor his handcart and offers him an apprenticeship but he refuses as he wants to make money. Minnie worries about the burglaries but Ena points out she has nothing worth stealing. Jack asks Ena and Minnie if they want to be the Rovers' cleaner but they refuse the offer. Ena suggests he asks Hilda instead. Dennis tells Irma about Elsie's job. Irma jokes that his only option is to give up his hairdressing course but Dennis takes her seriously and writes out his resignation letter. Trevor collects the handcart from Len, refusing to say why he needs it. Len is amused when Trevor offers to cut him in on the deal he is making. Trevor also offers Dennis money to help him but he gets another rejection. In front of everyone in Jackson's Chip Shop, Ena tells Elsie she has no morals for taking her job and it's reflecting badly on the entire street. Elsie is shocked that she found out from Dennis. She takes him to task for spying and gossiping. She can see he is ashamed of her but tells him her posing is harmless and she is never naked. He is mollified and she tears up his resignation letter. Irma tells her parents she's got one of them a job. Stan is outraged until he's told it's the cleaning job at the Rovers for her mother. He's then pleased. Elsie assures Dennis she doesn't fancy any of the students. Ena is disturbed at night by the noise an intruder makes in the mission. With a poker in her hand, she orders them to make themselves known.


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