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Jack has had enough of Vera treating Cliff well whilst neglecting him. He feels Cliff should pay his way. Raquel bores the staff as she goes on and on about her wedding. Bet asks her to drop the subject occasionally. To get out of spending Christmas Day at home, Steve tells his parents that he's eating with the Middletons. Fiona is annoyed as her parents have never met him. Mike urges Alf to put his weight behind helping Samir stay in the country. Deirdre and Samir see a solicitor friend John Finney but an angry Samir refuses to cooperate. He feels it's only a matter of time before he's deported. Vicky returns for Christmas. Deirdre rows with Samir about his negative attitude. Liz tackles Fiona about Christmas dinner and is surprised when she tells her that it's all fixed up and Steve has been invited. A tipsy Alf tells Deirdre he'll help Samir officially if, and when, he's told to leave the country. Jack is stunned when Cliff asks to discuss the will as he wants Jack to have the lot.


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