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Dennis continues to ponder over the connection between the Grecian urn and Elsie's mysterious job. She refuses to take the bait and tell him what the urn is for, nor will she answer when he asks her directly what she's doing. Fred Jackson isn't taken in by Hilda's excuses that Stan needs a break before he starts looking for work again. Trevor dreams of his future riches as an entrepreneur. Irma is getting annoyed with her father's laziness and regrets living back with her family. She and Hilda row about them going back to their old ways despite all the promises that Stan made. Hilda realises she has to get a job to help with the finances. Dennis questions Len who also has no idea what Elsie's job is. Irma rages at Elsie about her family. Elsie has let her in on the secret of her job, much to Dennis's annoyance. Hilda refuses to let Stan return to his truck-driving job as she likes him being at home. He wonders if Len would take him on. Dennis confides in Ena who advises him to follow her to work that night. Stan speaks to Len who makes him see that he has no previous training or experience. Trevor asks Len for £20 capital for a mysterious deal that will double his money by tomorrow and gets an instant refusal. Elsie still refuses to tell Dennis what she's doing. Trevor asks Dennis for the £20 but he has no spare cash and is in a hurry to follow Elsie to work. Neither Ena nor Minnie can think of any part-time jobs going for Hilda. Ena thinks Stan ought to get a job himself and not rely on her, offending Hilda with her words. Dennis manages to take the same bus as Elsie without her seeing him. He follows her into the Regional College of Art. Stan tries to borrow money off Trevor to take Hilda out with, but he refuses to part with any. He hints that he's going something special on tomorrow. Dennis is shocked to catch a glimpse of Elsie posing for teacher David Graham and his art students.


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