Betty is thrilled and proud to wear the Mayoral chain. Samir gets another job, at a Spanish restaurant, with more money than before. Alf is proud of Betty as she is charming and dignified. Denise asks Jon to buy the Salon and offers him a good price. Curly and "fiancée" Raquel go to the Soopascoopa Christmas party. She wears Bet's engagement ring and enjoys the make-believe. Mavis is miffed when Rita takes Roger Crompton to the newsagents' ball. She thinks Rita is trying to buy his friendship. Jon Welch acknowledges it seems a good idea to buy the Salon but is reluctant. He tells Denise he'll think about it. Ken is disturbed to hear Denise is moving away. Raquel is touched by the way Curly cares for her and starts to believe they are engaged as it seems so natural. Audrey demands that Alf gets rid of Betty but he refuses to hurt her feelings. Raquel is stunned when Curly asks her to marry him.


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