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Denise refuses to speak to Ken. Brian Bowes turns up at 5 Grasmere Drive and complains to Audrey that he's reduced to driving community buses now. He is stunned when she lets it slip that Alf got rid of the limo as he thought they were carrying on. He threatens to tell the papers so Audrey says that she'll persuade Alf to use the limo again. Steve asks Des if Sean has a job for Liz at the bookies but is told to ask again after Christmas. Fiona is astonished when Steve invites her to move into his flat. Denise contemplates moving away to escape Ken. Steve tries to give Liz £300 which he won on the horses, to make up for her losing her job. She refuses it, afraid of where it came from. Deirdre calls at the DSS as she wants Samir to pay tax and be up front now they're married. Audrey threatens to resign if Alf doesn't get the limo back. He calls her bluff.


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