Jack and Albert watch as the two sides square up to each other. The riggers sneer at the lack of back-up for Len. Inside their houses, the residents listen in concern as the riggers insult the other cowardly menfolk of the street. Annie is angry that the police aren't interested in the matter. Ena steps in and tells the "gormless" threesome to be off, unafraid of their threats. As Len gently pushes her away, fists start to fly. Ken determines to intervene but Val bodily blocks the door to stop him leaving. Len is on the floor as he is attacked by all three men. Stan and Hilda arrive home and Concepta begs Stan to step in. He happily does so, and the odds rapidly change. Minnie finds the sight distressing and Annie rings the police again. Concepta brings Hilda into No.7, where she and Lucille are astounded to hear that she's often felt Stan's fists on herself, but she isn't bothered about the fact. The fight ends and the riggers come into the Rovers, where Jack swiftly ejects them. He assures Annie that Len only has a black eye for his troubles. Stan takes Len into No.13 to clean up. Len shuts the door in Harry's face when he returns, saying he rushed back as quickly as he could. When all has calmed down, Concepta plans the trip to Ireland while Harry is subdued. Lucille is disgusted with her father who tries to explain to her that Concepta's feelings must come first. Len and Stan are proud with their performance against the three hard men. Charlie buys them drinks while Albert tells them where their style and tactics went wrong. Annie tries to find out from Dennis what Elsie's evening job is and he has to admit he doesn't know. Len buys Harry a pint and they are reconciled. Ken is unhappy that Val stopped him intervening. Val and Concepta admit to Dennis that they also have no idea what Elsie's job could be. Stan advises Ken to make up with Val. A parcel is delivered for Elsie and Val takes it in, together with a message for Elsie to bring it with her to work tomorrow night. Dennis opens it and is puzzled to find a fake Grecian urn within.


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