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Curly tries to stop the betting shop customers smoking. Sean tells Des he thinks Curly doesn't fit in. Denise enjoys being pampered by Jon Welch and Fiona. Rita is flattered when Roger asks her along to an art exhibition at the library. Steve's community service officer, Christine Bullock, searches for him as he hasn't been doing his community service. Jim gives his new address to her. Sean tells Des to get rid of Curly when his slowness loses them custom. Tracy is horrified when Deirdre tells her that she's marrying Samir. Samir gets upset when Tracy tells Deirdre she's ridiculous and calls him a beach bum. Before he can sack Curly, Des is pleased when Curly resigns, saying he can't cope with rude customers and smoke. Tracy asks Denise to tell Ken that Deirdre is marrying Samir. Deirdre is upset that Tracy isn't happy for her and begins to believe that everyone is right; it is a silly idea. Ken is shocked when Denise breaks the news.


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