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Samir is promised a better paid job at The Casablanca. To please Raquel, Des offers Curly a job at the betting shop. The Wiltons prepare for their dinner party but Derek falters when Mavis tells him that she told Angela all the things he told her about Angela resembling Hitler. None of the guests like the food - polenta fritters and guinea fowl and find themselves united in their embarrassment of the devoted Wiltons. Deirdre tells Liz about her proposal and is hurt when Liz tells her that she'd be stupid to marry Samir. Angela tells the Wiltons that Mervyn is off her back now and she wants to thank them. She gives them the use of her holiday cottage in Scotland. Curly takes Des's job. Des makes him feel he's doing him a big favour. The Wiltons are deflated when their guests leave early. Roger Crompton takes Rita for a drink in the Rovers only to find Norris and Angela already there. They are all embarrassed when the Wiltons pop in. Deirdre is stunned when Samir proposes to her, saying that he loves her and doesn't want to dodge the law. She agrees to marry him.


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Derek Wilton: "Mavis, listen. This dinner party is not for us to enjoy it. No, no, no, no - we're making a statement, you and I. We're saying, 'Here we stand, Mavis and Derek; The Rockies may tumble. Gibraltar may crumble. The Wiltons endure.'"
Mavis Wilton: "Oh, Derek, I love it when you're lyrical!"

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