Gamma Garments has been closed up as Emily has gone to Wakefield for a rest, after sending the wedding presents back. Three rough riggers from a building site in Rosamund Street, Duffer, Dan and Joss, descend on the Street making trouble by insulting Minnie and acting in a threatening way towards Concepta and Albert. They hammer on the Rovers' door for it to open and wind up Harry about his chauffeur's uniform. Anticipating trouble, Annie doesn't went them in the pub but Jack counsels her not stir things up. Harry advises Len to watch his step in the Rovers, warning him about the riggers. In the pub, Duffer tells Charlie to keep Little Titch away from him or he'll boot the dog. Jack and Annie hope that Len doesn't come into the pub as he won't be able to keep his temper. Len is amused by Dennis's new cordroy suit. Ena snaps at Duffer when he tries to push in front of her and Len steps in when the men start to insult her. They challenge him and any two mates to a fight at 8.00pm that night. Len accepts the challenge but a scared Charlie refuses to join in. As the day wears on, Annie thinks the police ought to be called but Jack refuses. Harry can't help Len as he has to arrange for the family to go to Ireland again as Sean Riley is ill. Lucille accuses her father of being a coward. As 8.00pm nears, Annie is a bag of nerves. After Gus Lowman also refuses to help, Len is forced to turn to Ken. Annie removes her miniatures from display, anticipating the fight. Saying violence never solved anything, Ken also refuses. Len can't find Stan for help. Jack advises Len to go home as 8.00pm arrives but fortified with a double whiskey, he faces the three men alone in the street as Annie dials 999.


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Ena Sharples: "Len Fairclough's in this 'cos he's same as them as he's fightin'. He's loud-mouthed, pig-'eaded and punch-drunk. It keeps 'im 'appy."

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