It’s the day of the wedding. Minnie and Hilda finish the preparations by rolling the red carpet out of the mission door and into Viaduct Street but as there’s still two and a half hours to go, Ena makes them roll it back inside. She organises Hilda and Ken to pass round the flowers. The menfolk are badly hungover. Jack has been asked to give the bride away. As he gets dressed in his suit, Swindley also feels the effects of last night’s celebrations. Jack, Val and Lucille are stunned by Emily’s beautiful dress. The guests start to gather in the mission where Harry is an usher. Trevor tries to sell bags of rice at 6d a bag until Stan intervenes. With best man Len, Swindley sets out for the mission. Emily is very contemplative about religious matters as she waits with Jack for the taxi. Swindley arrives but the bride proves to be very late. Stuart makes an annoyed Ena continue to play the harmonium. The guests joke about the delay but Swindley starts to grow nervous. Harry and Ken set out to look for the bridal party, unaware that Emily has made up her mind - she’s not going ahead with the wedding as she knows it’s morally wrong to do so. She feels very calm now that she’s reached her decision, realising that he doesn't feel about her in the same way as she does about him, and she knew all along they would never get wed. The taxi turns up at the mission but only with Jack. Stuart has to break the news to Swindley and the congregation that the wedding's off. Realising that Emily will be upset, Swindley rushes round to her flat. He knows that she did the right thing but feels that she has spoken for both of them. She worries how matters will be at the shop from now onwards but asks him to cancel the reception and the honeymoon for them. Len helps Swindley cancel the arrangements, realising that he doesn't regret the way things have turned out. Swindley goes to the honeymoon hotel in Abersoch alone.


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Emily Nugent: "I'm not going, Mr Walker. I knew, you know...all those years I wanted to marry him - I knew I never would."

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