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Steve tells Fiona that the point of the party is to get Mike in the right mood for a financial proposition. He calls the party off as Mike refuses to attend. Raquel begins to think that Des didn't stand a chance when Tanya got her claws into him. Alma is furious when Mike spends £9,500 on a second-hand Mercedes for the business. She tells him that she hates the way he never consults her. When Alma asks about Tanya's whereabouts, Bet tells her that she's run off with Charlie. Denise advises Ken to ignore Tracy, feeling she's just being immature. He tells Denise about Susan marrying Mike, explaining he is paranoid about daughters. To please Alma, Mike tells Steve they'll come to the party. He has little time to organise it so gives Fiona money to get food in. Raquel summons Vicky to the Rovers to look after Bet. Fiona gets annoyed when Steve orders her about and makes her wait on the other guests. Martin tells Gail that they should let Nicky live at No.5 until he gets bored. They agree to not let Nicky get to them. Steve tells Mike about the deal, asking for his advice. Fiona is furious when she's cut out of the conversation; she tells Steve that she's sick of being treated like a skivvy and tells Mike the whole party is for his benefit so Steve can fleece money off him.


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