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Bet is thrilled when Charlie makes final arrangements to sell his rig. He struggles with being unfaithful. Tracy meets Ken and tells him what she thinks of the Deirdre and Samir situation. He agrees with her that Samir is much too young for Deirdre. Charlie tells Tanya that he can't cope with all the lies so he's leaving with his truck and taking a job in Hamburg. When she asks if she can tag along he agrees. Don talks Nicky into having tea at No.8. Deirdre is furious when Tracy tells her that Ken agrees with her - she's making a fool of herself. Deirdre tells Tracy about Denise being pregnant. Andy leaves Bettabuy. Tracy tells Ken and Denise that they're disgusting and as bad as Deirdre. Charlie picks Tanya up and is all for steeling off into the night but she persuades him to face Bet. The Platts try to get Nicky to stay but he refuses. To stop a row, Gail tells Nicky that he doesn't have to stay. Martin is annoyed by her weakness. Bet is horrified when Tanya tells her that she's Charlie's lover and they're going to Hamburg together. Charlie feels awful as Bet throws them out. In the Rovers, Alf pushes over the pile of 2p pieces for charity and Bet is forced to put a brave face on things.


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