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Samir starts work at The Casablanca. Deirdre fears they'll never see each other. She admits she borrowed the money for his fare and he swears to pay it all back. Bet is furious with Charlie for telling Tanya about Raquel's misfortune. He tells her that she shouldn't have sacked Tanya. Mavis keeps her nude picture at The Kabin as she doesn't want Derek to see it. Alma tells Tanya she saw her upset Raquel and if she misses one rent payment she'll be evicted. Derek sees the picture when Rita views it, he tells Mavis it isn't very good as it looks more like a man than a woman. Tanya tries to put her side to Bet but Bet refuses to listen, upsetting Charlie who is convinced Tanya did not mean any malice. Bet throws her out. Charlie tells Bet he hates the way she treats people, him included. Don tells Nicky he's welcome to stay as long as he obeys the house rules. He tells Nicky that Brian hated smoking as it wrecks health. Curly cooks Raquel a meal and tries to buck her up, telling her that she's due some good luck. She thanks him for being a good friend. Charlie calls on Tanya, telling her that she feels bad about her sacking. Tanya tells him how Bet uses people until she's tired of them. She encourages him to kiss her so he does. Raquel falls asleep after her meal. Curly tucks her up on the sofa. Charlie carries Tanya into the bedroom.


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