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Emily isn't sure about her wedding dress and frets as she looks over her wedding presents. She's still upset that her father isn't attending, Concepta tries to calm her fears. Annie brings their present of a china tea service round. Lucille isn't happy with her bridesmaid's dress. Len's present, delivered by the Ogden's son Trevor, is a see-through nightie. Swindley makes final arrangements for the service with Stuart. He books the honeymoon in Abersoch. Stuart sees that he has bought a doctor's guide to marriage and tries to make him see that Emily would like to live in a new house but Swindley disagrees. Annie and Jack take Len to task for his present. The men get a kitty going to buy crates of ale to get Swindley drunk on an impromptu stag night. Ena, Minnie and Hilda prepare the Mission Hall for the wedding. Ena feels that Swindley will drive Emily into an early grave. Swindley is perturbed when all the menfolk descend on him with the ale. Ken turns up at Emily's flat with his and Val's present. She's getting herself into a state but in a moment of calm self-reflection tells Ken that she knows Swindley doesn't love her. Later on, Annie and Val come round to keep her company but Annie doesn't help matters by talking about the problems that marriage can bring. All the men except Swindley are drunk. Jack and Ken join them and persuade Swindley to drink port. Ena sneers as Minnie and Hilda put down a red carpet in the Mission. Swindley gets drunk and leads a singalong. The men try to give him advice on marriage. As they get more raucous, Ena turns up. Val does Emily's hair. A telegram is phoned through to the Rovers from Emily's brother saying he is stuck in Germany and can't give her away. With Ena out of the way, the men start singing She Loves You and Swindley makes a drunken speech of thanks. They leave the house singing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. Swindley falls asleep in a drunken stupor as soon as they have gone.


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Annie Walker: "You know, I've never understood why the conversation in this bar gets so low just when there's a wedding in the offering".


Ena Sharples: "It's a travesty of a marriage service. Leonard Swindley never loved, honoured or obeyed anybody in 'is life apart from 'imself".

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