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Tanya is stunned when Des tells her that Alex has settled out of court. He points out Alex must have feared the court would have seen through her lies. Fred Elliott brings steak round to Audrey when he thinks Alf is out. He is thrown when Alf appears and backs off. Martin doesn't know how far he can go with disciplining Nicky as he's not his own. Tanya is upset when Bet reminds her that she's only staying on at the Rovers under sufferance. Charlie sympathises with her, saying they're both on probation. Mark tells Mike to stop seeing things in black and white; he'll visit in the holidays and still be part of his life. Mike is moved when Mark tells him that he means a lot to him. Des warns Bet that Tanya is nothing but trouble. Martin is stunned when Nicky tells him that Gail gave him money to upgrade his computer. Paula considers going touring in Goa with some friends rather than returning to Manchester University. Andy tries to talk her out of it, saying it's a mistake to leave university. He is scared at the thought of being stuck at Bettabuy. The McDonalds entertain Deirdre and Samir. Jim is embarrassed by Samir's youth but warms to him when he shares an interest in beer. When Martin tells Gail that she's made matters worse, she tells him to grow up; she won't let him tear her family apart.


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