Vicky tries to figure out Charlie's feelings for Bet but he isn't forthcoming. Andy is surprised when Paula Maxwell turns up at Bettabuy looking for holiday work. Curly tells Andy he won't employ her as she has no experience. Andy begs him to, as a favour. Gail decides to visit Ivy to find out when she's returning. Curly refuses to employ Paula when Andy reminds him of all the assistants he's had relationships with. Alf and Audrey visit Mrs Jobson on her 100th birthday. Alf tucks into her cake and is horrified when she turns out to be an ex-neighbour who remembers him as a greedy little boy - "Fat Alfie". Tanya is horrified when Bet lifts the ban on Des, recognising it makes sense to have him as a customer as he'll be running a local business. Bet tells Tanya that she isn't bothered about her feelings, just Raquel's. Vicky confesses to Bet about the rave before telling her about Charlie's court case. Vicky is upset that he hasn't told Bet himself and fears he's after a cosy set-up.


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