Steve's car is broken into and his £200 radio is stolen. Des fears one of Alex Christie's mob thought it was his. Deirdre wants to see Samir Rachid but hasn't any money to send him for a ticket. Des tells Alex there's no need for heavies but Alex doesn't know what he's talking about. Deirdre asks Mike for a £300 loan but he tells her that he has no spare cash until he's completed the Spanish deal. Des is amazed when Sean Skinner offers him a job as he admires the way he thumped Alex, his rival. Audrey helps at the cafe as Alma and Mike fly out to Spain. Charlie drives Vicky to her friend's in Warwickshire in his truck. Deirdre asks Liz for the money but she refuses to help her make a fool of herself. Vicky admits to Charlie she's going to an all-night rave in Worcester; she said a friend's in Warwickshire as an excuse to Bet. Maureen and Maud clear out unused stock and Alf gives them tips on what sells. Charlie is upset that Vicky lied to him but agrees to take her to Worcester. He is horrified when another driver, Dave Hume, mentions his forthcoming court case to Vicky. Mavis asks Derek to accompany her on the art class outing to Rivington Pike. He says he's busy so Mavis accuses him of always putting Angela before her. Charlie tells Vicky he's up on a speeding charge and could lose his licence. She accuses him of feathering his nest with Bet in case he is banned from driving.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Charlie and Vicky make disturbing discoveries about each other.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,090,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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