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Mavis is furious when Derek cancels a picnic to have a meeting with Angela. Deirdre is thrilled to receive a passionate letter from Samir Rachid. Alf shows Maureen the ropes at the cash and carry. Bet tells Charlie about her baby and the death of Martin Downes to explain why she watches over Vicky. Mike gets Charlie's translation verified and buys two tickets for Spain. Alma is delighted but Gail is fed up at the prospect of running the cafe alone. A man called Sean Skinner hunts for Des. Steve stalls him fearing he's one of Alex's heavies. Liz advises Deirdre not to let a holiday romance run her life but Deirdre refuses to listen, asserting that she and Samir had something special. To prove to herself that Samir isn't just after her money she phones him but is told he isn't available. Gail and Alma rope Audrey into helping at the cafe. Derek is bitter when Angela makes him mow her three-and-a-half acre lawn. Mavis is furious and accuses him of being in slavery. She storms off and joins Emily at her art class. Vicky flirts with Jon Welch to upset Steve. Deirdre is thrilled when Samir phones back, telling her how much he's missing her.


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