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Ken is horrified to discover that Denise has spent the night in hospital after losing blood. Andy asks Curly to let him sit in on the job interviews for experience. Denise rests in hospital, relieved that the baby is alright. Ken thinks their row brought on the pains. She is grateful for his support. Deirdre is embarrassed by Curly's patronising interview technique, implying that she's thick and past it. She walks out, saying she'll see him later. Des returns home to find Steve in the middle of entertaining Fiona. He tells Steve to pack his bags but Steve wins him round by pointing out that he needs the rent. Curly tells Deirdre she doesn't have to interview - the job's hers. She's grateful. Lester tells Vera that he doesn't want their dream to ever end. Raquel is upset to see Des back in town. Maureen struggles alone at the shop all day, telling Reg that she's had enough of the place. He is pleased by her reaction. Denise breaks down as she tells Ken that she's lost the baby.


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