Vera tries to sneak off home but Lester stops her and tells her that she should continue the holiday and not care about what the neighbours think. Ken spends the day moving his stuff into No.12 but is angry that he's spent his entire life in the Street. Maureen fears Reg intends to move his fancy piece into the shop flat. Vera is intrigued when Lester tells her about his daughter he hasn't seen for twenty-five years. Ken feels trapped in the Street by Denise as he wants to see his child grow up. She tells him that he's still emotionally chained to Deirdre. Maureen gets drunk at lunchtime. Vera is flustered when Lester tells her that he's thinking of settling down. Deirdre tells Emily about her holiday romance and is grateful when she accepts the thought of Samir Rachid. When Reg returns after a day's absence, Maureen accuses him of being with a woman. He swears there's no one else. Deirdre is grateful when Curly agrees to interview her for a job. Denise gets Fiona to call for an ambulance as she doubles over in pain.


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Ken Barlow: "Do you realise I've lived in this lousy street practically the whole of my life?"

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