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Deirdre returns from Morocco. Vera is amazed to see how much Tommy has grown. She stays at Shirley Henderson's guest house and Doreen lets her take Tommy out. Denise feels out of control of her body and is annoyed when everyone says how wonderful Deirdre looks with her tan. Vera tells Doreen that she's doing a great job, bringing Tommy up. Ken is thrown by Deirdre's good humour. Liz guesses correctly that she had a holiday romance. Vera panics when she discovers Lester Fonteyne is also staying at Shirley's. Reg feels fed up trapped in the shop, having to serve boring customers. Ken feels Denise is feeling jealous and insecure of Deirdre so he tells her that they should live together. She is too tired to talk. Vera visits the bingo hall where Lester is caller. She is thrilled when Lester remembers her. He is keen to note she's alone in Blackpool and tells her that fate has brought them together.


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