Kevin is amazed when Sally falls for the Murdochs' tale of woe and ends up giving them a hand in the kitchen. Curly warns Des to keep away from Raquel and makes it clear that he despises men who hit women. Des thinks Tanya is the one who should be despised. Rita bravely rides a tram, taking Rosie along with her. Raquel is grateful when Charlie gets the rest of her stuff, including her portfolio, from No.6. She is touched that people are being so supportive. When Alex calls to collect his gear, Tanya tells him how Des hit her and is stunned when he tells her that she deserved it. She begs him to believe Des was blackmailing her but he tells her that he's not interested in her any more; she's soiled goods. When Rosie's tea is inedible, Kevin rows at the Murdochs, telling them what he thinks of them. The other guests cheer him on. Raquel agrees to talk to Des. He tells her that he never hit Tanya and didn't force her into anything. Des breaks down when he sees the pain he's caused her and begs her to give him a fresh start but she refuses.


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